Sunday, July 22, 2007

Turn off system beep in Linux terminal

There are a variety of ways to turn of the system beep. I have tried three of them on my Ubuntu Feisty laptop and they both work in terminal emulators like gnome-terminal, etc. and in the virtual terminals.

Temporarily turn it off
$ xset b off
$ setterm -blength 0

Permanently (although you could change it later) turn it off
- uncomment(as root) "# set bell-style none" in /etc/inputrc

- Or to change it to a visual bell (blinking the screen), change it to "set bell-style visual"
- If you only want to do it for the current user instead of for everyone, create an "~/.inputrc" file and add the set bell-style line to that file.

Some of the other ways include deleting or blacklisting your internal speaker. Or if you prefer the hardware/cross-platform approach, take it out manually. :)

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